Well, I am expecting my first baby in August (a boy) and so far the pregnancy has been great. I really don't want to have just one child. I say all the time that if all goes well with this baby (I am sure it will), then I would like to have one more. I think that two is a good number cause I really don't want to be out numbered lol. I guess until I have this one, I can't really say for sure but that is my plan at least. I have always been around children between baby sitting and my nieces and nephew and I absolutely love them. They keep everyday an adventure, never know what will happen next. Well, I guess that about it.


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Apr. 22, 2008 at 2:35 PM awe your having a boy.. me too.. have you thought about circumcision? i am so worried about getting that done on him when he's born its so scary!! i have a 3 year old girl and a step son and this is my son i'm having now so that makes me having 2 kids but really three since my step son lives with us too... well my husband doesn't want anymore kids after this... he is completely against it b/c he has 2 kids already and this makes three plus i have a daughter so he said he's done he doesn't want anymore.. its not even really up to me if we have another one later b/c he's so set against it.. my doctor asked me if i wanted a tubal but i dunno i'm only 21 i dunno if i want to get one but if i plan on spending my life with my husband then i might as well get one huh? whats your opinion?

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