Is what I've named my latest masterpiece. I was craving a chili sandwich (which I was jokingly calling a Mexian Sloppy Joe in my head--although there IS a recipe for it online) but also wanted an avocado sandwich. My solution...Yup!

California Sloppy Joe
(so named because of the avocado--add mayo for authentic California taste)

Smush the avocado into the bread and then ladel chili over it. Close the sandwich. I prefer 7 grain bread myself. Yum!! OMG, I'm in heaven. SO delicious.

Just thought I'd share.

Oh, and anyone who likes Sprite, here's my recipe for:

Sprite Tea

One glass (8oz) Sprite, chilled. One bag lemon cold brew iced tea. Put tea bag into the sprite as though it was water. The bubbles mix it faster than with water. Take out bag, squeeze it into the drink, stir and enjoy! 

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Apr. 22, 2008 at 8:28 PM interesting.  sounds good.  i am going to have to try the sprite tea.  i am a southern sweet tea kinda girl myself. 

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Apr. 22, 2008 at 8:46 PM Yup, I like sweet tea, too, which is what makes the Sprite tea so good--it's pre-sweetened that way!

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Apr. 22, 2008 at 9:03 PM my hub is a big sloppy joe fan, but a vegetarian... next time we have veggie chili I might have to whip this idea out and take it as my own. muuuhahaha....

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Apr. 22, 2008 at 9:50 PM ^_^ Hope it's a hit! I used no-bean, all meat chili, LOL, I'm an omnivore, through and through! But the beans have been hurting my tummy, so...

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