To all of you who have JERKY EX'S. I wish that after they become Ex's that they would get a clue that they can't bully or push us around anymore and move on with their own lives. My daughter's dad has been married going 12 years and still him and his wife believe that it is okay not only to try to emotional abuse me but our 16 year as well. He kicked her out of his home this last December and she returned to live with me and now that he has to pay me Child Support again he isn't liking it and then he tried to report her as a runaway and the police told him and me that they aren't getting involved because of her age and the she isn't really a runaway since he knew were she is at. I just wish that our EX's would drop off the face of the earth and we wouldn't have to worry about all this bull garbage anymore.


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Mar. 21, 2007 at 5:19 PM I totally understand how you feel. I wrote a similiar post today. In 2 years she will be 18 and hopefully you won't have to deal with him as much and she will have the choice of whether she wants to deal with him or not. Good Luck!

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