The past five months have been such a whirlwind!  So much has happened, and I am so glad to have my little boy, even if he didn't come out the way I wanted him to.

This week, Toby has learned how to roll over, and he stayed sitting up (sort of) when I sat him up.  Every day is a precious reminder of how big God is to have created such a miracle.  I have decided I want to start teaching him some sign language.  Last weekend when we were at the Mercy Anniversary, I was changing his diaper while worship was going on.  Israel was singing "How Great is Our God," and I started signing the chorus to him.  He loved it!  So today, I found a website with baby signs, and I started signing to him.  He ate it up.  I love the look on his face when he is enjoying something! 

I have been checking out the vaccination posts on the Newcomer's Club.  The more I read about vaccinations, the less I want him to get them.  We decided to wait until he is at least three, but I am beginning to think we won't do it at all.  And I know it's just my perception, but it seems as if the vaccinating moms are so much more vicious than those who don't.  Also, the nonvaccinating moms have all done all kinds of research and stuff, while the moms who don't vaccinate are confused as to why there would be any reason not to.  Not that I would base my decision on other people's attitudes.  It's just an observation.  I am glad that I am able to talk to other moms about difficult decisions, either way.  It gives insight and perspective. 

I am waiting for our stimulus check, too.  I don't necessarily think that the bill will do what Bush thinks it will, but I know I am glad for it, because it will get us caught up on our bills.  We have been so irresponsible with our money, and I regret that so much.  It seems like now we may never climb out of this hole.  We have a budget and all, but there is no money left over to make up the overdue bills we have right now.  I know it will get better and we will make it.  I'm just frustrated right now. 


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