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Writing is my exhibitionism...

Have you ever watched a cat soak up sunbeams?  My cat smiles when he naps in the sun… like he knows something that I don’t.  Maybe he does.  Maybe those sunbeams tell him something -- something about our eternal nature.  He is a big, fluffy, black and white rag doll and his shiny coat acts like solar panels.  He gets downright hot to the touch some afternoons but that doesn’t quash his big pink smile.

While watching him bask in the late afternoon rays, I’m reminded of the Latin root word sol.  It’s no wonder that luminous celestial body around which the earth and other planets revolve, from which we receive heat and light, was once worshiped by so many people.

I think that all living things have a soul (especially my cat) and we all depend on the sun.  In a sense, Sun worship is a sort of soul worship – with the word worship in this sentence meaning to love.  What I’m getting at is the infinite magnitude of love – of loving the soul within you and loving the collective soul that shines in each of us.  In our solar system, the Sun is the source of life.  But that’s not all -- EVERYTHING is alive... even the sun itself.  Each tree, each plant, leaf, bug, and rock is also alive.  Pythagoras said, "A stone is frozen music."  The particles in each solid mass are just moving at a different speed from when they were fluid.  A stone is slowed down – not dead.  As such, death is really a myth.

Energy cannot be destroyed… only transferred.  Therefore EVERYTHING is alive.  San Francisco Gate Columnist, Mark Morford, recently wrote an article explaining that our planet is actully singing.  Earth has a song!  I love this!  It just hits me with that familiarity – of course Earth has a song… our planet is alive.  Every planet in our solar system, every tiny spec of dust in our galaxy, and everything beyond is alive.  Not only is everything alive but also -- nothing dies.  We are all a part of an infinite organism that is in constant flux.

Just as our children are both an expression and an extension of us, so are we an expression and an extension of the Infinite Universe.  What’s more, the Universe manifests in infinite expressions.  An expression of love is a white dove.  An expression of peace is an olive tree.  An expression of our interconnectedness is the symbiotic Redwood forests where even the mushrooms participate in producing harmony and balance.  An expression of intelligence is the human race.  And an expression of our eternal existence is bodily death.

Everything is always growing -- always becoming and nothing is as it was just a moment ago.  Without death, we would stagnate like standing water.  Death allows us to continue becoming infinitely.  So, there really is no such thing as death – only cycles of life.  Moreover, we are each a particle in the firmament of existence… an existence that always was and always will be.

The next time my cat stretches out in the sun, I’m going to stretch out right next to him and soak up some of that infinite wisdom beaming down to earth in the expression of sunbeams.



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Apr. 28, 2008 at 7:43 PM You are amazing girl!  You should put all your mind wonderings into a book, it would be sooooo popular!!!!

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Apr. 29, 2008 at 1:25 AM

these concepts of death have helped me cope with my mothers earthly passing. 

on another note, I have an ex b/f who said that dogs didn't have souls.  needless to say he's an ex! 

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Apr. 29, 2008 at 7:51 PM I loved this! I have always felt this way,,,thank you for elegantly putting into words how I always felt, but knew my friends and family would think I am crazy if I voiced it.

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