Am I the only person out there that didn't know "why" a baby is suppose to be rear facing in a carseat until a certain age and weight? I have just came upon all this information over the past few weeks and I am shocked at how, well stupid I am/was. I would like to think that I read the manual when my 1st son was born but I honestly can not remember. I know that I turned him FFing prior to his 1st birthday beacuse he was over 20lbs and I thought that he was "safe" and the weight limit was more important than the age. So now I know what is safe and have re-read the manuals on both carseats and have them in properly but I'm wondering how many other moms out there think they are doing what is right but just don't know. I really wish that someone would have told me how dangerous it was to turn my 1st son FF so young but I'm thankful nothing ever happened. Am I alone on this? I had some mother tell me how awful I was because I didn't read the manual like I purposely put him in harms way. RIGHT! I would like to think that I am a fairly intelligent person and research most topics to their fullest when it comes to my children I just didn't know there was anything to research when it came to this topic. I've had my seats checked at carseat inspections and have always had great things said about the way my seats are installed so how the hell was I suppose to know?!  I mean I guess I should have....

 Anyway, I just wanted to know if I'm alone on this?

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May. 8, 2009 at 3:29 PM

LOTS of people don't know, I didn't with my older 2....BUT I know now and my youngest is 2 years old 25lbs and 36.5 inches and still RFing because he can in the carseat I have...thank god for the Truefit...

I saw you asked about harnesses in the carseat group, harness as long as possible too, if you need a recommendation for a seat that extended harnesses for a child already FFIng, go with a Graco Nautilus, unless you love Britax and go with the Frontier.

I have pics of both the Truefit and the Nautilus on my profile if you wanna see them.

Don't feel bad, knowledge is power, when we know better we do better...jsut do better now..

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