We finally started putting together the baby's room! We picked a light orange-peach color for the walls and I need to get started on her curtains! And we finally made her a video a couple of days ago. For Finn, I made a little video diary of when I was pregnant to show him what we were like before he came and what the house looked like, etc. Well, we just finally got around to doing Baby Girl's. I really don't want to do that whole second kid-less attention thing, but it's already happening.

And Finn just breaks my heart everytime I see him! He is just so adorable and sweet and I know that one day he will grow up and leave me! He got sick last night and I automatically assumed the worst-radiation poisoning. LOL. I was pretty worried though. I figured he must have swallowed or eaten something deadly. But, evidently he just has a little bug.

I am taking a car trip with my mother on Sunday. That should be interesting. We disagree on a lot I've noticed. I'm sure lots of people do, but I have a hard time disagreeing with her. Ever since she had her cancer I just feel like I don't want to upset her, so I kinda humor her and try not to make a confrontation. It just ends up being akward. I know part of the problem is I am WAY too critical. I want her to be this perfect person that I can look up to and I need to accept that she is just normal and has her faults. She is always complaining about things and I feel like there is so much she can do to make her life better, but she just won't. My hubby says that once people get to that age they are just too set in their ways and don't usually change. I don't know if age has anything to do with it, or just laziness (see? There's the critical part). She is one of those people that tells me how important it is to eat only raw fruits and veggies, yet she only eats takeout pizzas and burgers. It is just really hard not to laugh when you have a conversation with her. And she is always saying things like, "I wish I had the time or energy to do that" and I just want to say "YOU DO! Just cut out all the negativity and you'd gain an extra hour a day!"

Anyway, baby is waking up. I hope he's feeling better!

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Apr. 30, 2008 at 4:19 PM So is this pregnancy going by faster since you have Finn? 

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May. 1, 2008 at 7:51 PM congrads on the baby

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