Finn got Herpangina this week. It is basically Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease. Poor guy had sores all over his mouth and throat. He still isn't really eating anything. I was reluctant to take him to the doctor b/c I just thought he caught a little bug. Glad I did! I didn't even think to look in his mouth! I guess it served as a good reminder to always go to the doc! Anyway, my weekend plans are shot now. We'll be chilling and watching Dora so we don't infect anyone.

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May. 2, 2008 at 12:04 PM

My son got the "coxsackie virus" around 15 or so months, which sounds similiar to Herpangin virus.  He had white sores on his lips and top of mouth.  He really wasn't miserable just wanted to drink cool liquids. 

Have fun watching Dora:)

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