Hey Y'all!   Long time no bore you with endless details of my life!  So I figured it was about time!  Let's see, the "bad" stuff has been pretty minimal, lowlights include Jonah being in the hospital (for wayyyy too long, wayyyy too far away from home), me not being pregnant, I think my thumb is broken (I need to find my batteries for my camera...this is like, SO photo-worthy...its quite impressive for a thumb!), I almost crashed the tractor today (but didn't...it was wonky windy out there!)  But, hospitalization aside (that was the biggie...Jonah was a very sick little boy, man... we are so blessed that he is ok now!), things are great on the farm. 

  Today, I got 9 azalea bushes planted (!!!! I thought this would take hours....it didn't... I got all 9 done in a little over an hour!), I got some planters done in the front yard with milkweed and sunflowers - I did 3 and I think I'm going to do 3 more tomorrow (or when the weather clears, I think we're in for storms tomorrow).  The other day I got lavender, basil, stevia, rosemary, peppers (cayenne, banana, jalapenos), tomatoes and lettuce planted...and strawberries.  I got the back deck stained.  Gotta put together the patio table & chairs, but then that part of the yard is done! (YAY!!!)   Let's see...chickens...we have chickens (and ducks and turkeys) now...they are still inside, kinda smelling bad (I'll get pine bedding instead of cedar next time!)

  The twins will be 8 years old next week!  WHERE did the time go?!?!  Preparing for their birthday party (which is why I'm putting the steam on for planting & staining decks!).  We are going to have a moon jump and will be grilling out.  It will be our first big get together since we've moved to the farm, so we are very excited about it!

   That is about all that's going on.  Continuing to try to discover new ways to save $ is always a priority.  Groceries have gone up a lot around here... thinking about getting a goat in milk because I'm not enjoying milk prices and these crazy growing boys...let me tell ya!  Cooking even more from scratch, keeping it simple, healthy.   Farm life is suiting me very well so far.  I am enjoying everything about being here.  The people are so friendly...like everyone!  I joked that I'm going to have to start trouble just so I can have a throwdown with someone!  Of course, kidding...I'm enjoying the nice-ness very much.  It is a big change of pace from the town we moved from, which was a very unwelcoming, unfriendly and mean-spirited toward newcomers...so we were there for nearly 4 1/2 years and we were still "new".... its not like that here and the stress that that alone has taken off of me is astounding... Places like that will flounder...and only the unhappy and miserable and those related to the founding fathers will remain.  We have one family we are friends with from their and I do miss them very much, but they are my only good memory from that place....so, it was definitely a place of negative energy for me, so it was time to move on and I feel like this is where we are supposed to be.  Its a good feeling.

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