I'm getting closer to being unpacked by the day.  I know, I know, some say we have been here long enough to be unpacked already but I say NO!!  LOL  I have most of our stuff unpacked.  Just about 15 boxes left now, which is pretty good from what I started off with.  Also take into consideration that at least 5 of those boxes have dolls and other breakables in them.  I will do that very close to last.  We do have our dining room completely set up as in furniture all where it needs to be and such.  The kitchen is almost completely finished being set up.......it was fully set up until I came across another box I didn't realize was kitchen stuff...lol.  We have no pictures on the walls yet.  We do have a few posters up and a couple of little shelves on the wall for knick knacks.  Our living room is all set up, as in all furniture where it will stay.  Just the breakables boxes left in there to unpack too.  My bedroom is a disaster area and it will probably still have boxes and clothes that need to be hung and such in there this weekend.

 Josh's room seems really empty.  All he has in there is a bed (which isn't on a frame...ours isn't either, we like it like that), a dresser for his clothes, a tv and game system on his dresser, a toy box, toys, and a little nightstand that is holding his books and magazines.  It's the biggest room in the house and it seems like he has so little in there.  LOL  Our room is the smallest and it has our KING size bed, 3 dressers, and 2 night stands.  Not to mention all the other stuff we have in there (not just toys, books, and a tv and system).  I don't know what to do for him either to fill some of that space.  We have a desk for him but we have it out in the dining room for fear he would not use it in his room.  (He likes to be around people as much as he can)  Speaking of Josh, he has done a pretty good job in school so far this week.  Of course, he has only been 2 days this week since they were out yesterday but none the less, it is an accomplishment.  He has been doing good and seeming to have 1 bad day a week so I can't understand that concept.  Why he doesn't act good the whole time or bad the whole time or at least have 1/2 and 1/2??  Why just one day out of the week??  He brought home an excellent day one day just to find out that alot of kids in her class brought home excellent days also (field day...they got above the line marks for every station if they stood in line correctly, waited patiently, so on).

Robert loves being this close to work (about a 4 min drive).  I love being this close to Josh's school (about a 3 min. drive) and everything else (2 min. drive...lol).  It is weird having neighbors so close to us also.  But that's city living for ya.  LOL  I look forward to having lots of land around me one day.  I guess I'm just destined to be a country gal.  LOL  Robert even comes home for lunch now too!!  Not everyday but it sure is nice to have him here during the day when he does come.  What a change in lifestyles.  Not to mention I am the one that drives the most now!!!  LOL  Robert has put MAYBE $40 in gas this whole time.  I have no clue how much the car I drive has had put in it.  LOL  ALOT more than that. 

We met a couple of our nieghbors so far.  There was a guy that lived right next to us here with his wife and daughter.  He was very friendly and chatted alot with us.  He passed away last Monday and it was so sad to hear. 

We've met the neighbors behind us also (they rent) and they guy that owns that house (that rents to them).  It's a duplex and the half of it closest to us is up for rent but it is only a one bedroom.  I don't know too many people that could use space that small.  It is basically 4 rooms(bedrm, livingrm, bath, kitchen) with 2 closets.  I got to look at it (mostly b/c I am nosey and not afraid to ask...lol) and it is small.  I don't think I've ever lived in a place that small and Robert and I have lived in a basement studio apartment before.  LOL

I'm finding things ok around here too.  It is weird being so far away from family and friends but at least I'm not too far that I can't just go hang with them at least once a week.  It takes about an hour for us to get back to my mom's house.  Not too bad.  Just means though that its far enough to have to find all new docs, all new fav. resturants, all new cheap places to buy cigs...lol, all new everything!!  I know my way so far to Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Food Lion, a few fast food places, and Robert's work place.  I am becoming more familiar with the streets though, like if I don't know where it is, just give me a street name and I might actually have a clue!!  I'm pretty proud of myself for that.  I also know several different ways into where we live from the interstate.  That comes in very handy.  LOL 

I've had lots of my friends and family show up to visit also.  I'm actually having a house party this coming Sat. for all my friends.  (I'll do a family one later...lol)  I'm a little nervous about whether I will be done setting our house up or not......while I sit here and type...lol!!!  I hope I can get myself motivated enough over the next few days to get this done. 

 We bought new furniture!!  Well, new to us.  It is a couch and a loveseat with a total of 4 recliners!!  They came with slip covers also(one of them has a spot that doesn't look too good and the loveseat needs upholstery repair.  But we paid only $50 and we really got the loveseat for free!!  We weren't getting the love seat but the girl I bought it off of insisted we take it when Robert got there to pick it up.  And the slip cover covers the area that is bad.  What I find wild is that we bought a rug from another girl and the couches match it.  Then the slip covers match the rug too!!!!!!  Isn't that wild??

We made our very first house payment already.  Feels good to know we are starting off good.  We have almost paid all of this months bills.  We should have 2 paychecks this month plus some of that stimulis money to put back for next months bills!!  YAY!!  We are doing good right now.  And I can't wait for that stimulis money to get here.  We need to put tires on one of our vehicles.  I don't think it will wait that long so the money coming will just kinda make up for us having to pay now for it.

Well, I believe that is about all the update I can give right now.  We are loving it here and we are loving being homeowners.  (I even look at home improvements ads now...lol)  I hope everyone has been doing well.  I hate that I have been away so long but that will change once I am finally unpacked totally.  Take care everyone, back to work for me.

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