When it comes to the coolest moms,I think all moms are cool.They raise there kids to do the right things,Hopefully.All Moms have a full time job wether they work outside the home or not. I have four children,and it takes a lot to raise children.I love my children every second of the day,and always will.My oldest will be 20 years old this year, and still needs mom.You have to cook ,clean,make sure there getting a good education,dress them,love them ,provide a place for them to live,send them to college,and the list gos on and on.So to all the Moms out there that care and love there children,I vote for you all.

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Jul. 23, 2008 at 4:48 PM

I totally agree with you.   I have four at home and I too stay at home.  I am always busy busy busy.  My favorite word I think is " mom '"   lol.  I love my kids dearly and would do anything and everything for them.  A   SAHM is a full-time job.   I look at it this way that I am not paying someone else to raise my children.  I get the joy to do so. 

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