The Wednesday before Easter, a mother decided to take a "day off' from her life. She had done it before-- usually came home a day or two later. After several days had past, not to mention a family holiday, those who loved her were deeply concerned. Her car was found at a nearby hotel, but she was still missing.

A man was collecting cans for recycling near a pipeline. It was there that a decomposing body was discovered. It was soon identified as the missing mother of 5, including triplet girls.

Because of pre-existing medical concerns, it is believed that no foul play is involved.

She will be buried tomorrow. Due to the public outcry over her tragic death, the school community will grieve as one as school will be closed.  Those who knew the family are encouraged to attend the Funeral Mass. Those who do not are asked to keep the family, which includes 3 foster children, in their thoughts and prayers.

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May. 8, 2008 at 9:09 PM This is such a sad story.  My heart bleeds for this family.

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