Today should have been a good day.  I should have been able to sleep in and catch up on some reading or just sit around and watch movies with the kids.  But instead I have spent the biggest part of the day in the bathroom crying and doubled over in pain caused from a kidney stone.  And of course my husband wasn't any help at all.  He has been in bed since 7a.m with the flu or something.  Of course if he gets even a cold he is in bed all day moaning and groaning.  What time I wasn't in the bathroom, I was busy trying to keep the older kids from making too much noise while they played and then both babies were crying every 5 minutes.  Maybe tomorrow will be better.  I hate to sound sooo dramatic, but my goodness today sucked. 



OK, so I went to the Dr today and she doesn't think I have a kidney stone.  However i do have a really bad urinary tract infection.

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May. 11, 2008 at 11:06 PM

Well, it sure sounds like a "mother's day for the memory book".  I really hope your Kidney Stone passes safely and with not too much pain.  As for your husband, I hear you on that one!  My husband always gets the cold/flu or "whatever" ten times worse than anyone else in the family. 

Feel better and know that your loved!

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May. 11, 2008 at 11:30 PM Oh my goodness, maybe you guys can reschedule mothers day! I am so sorry to hear about a kidney stone I would say to my 1 yr old, yucky poo poo.Poor thing

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May. 21, 2008 at 2:38 PM

Well sis.. My mothers day wasnt so great either if it makes ya feel any better lol

I spent my mothers day at work... at a depressing nursing home where ppl are dying and most of the people in there never see their real families. The employees are their family .

One of my fav residents passed away the other day... that really sucked.

Being pregnant is depressing enough ... I am kinda looking forward to a break from work.

It seems like ever day some one is quitting or one of the residents pass away.. u never know what u will walk into.

Well sis I will ttyl.. I go back to the doctor tomorrow. I doubt he will tell me anything new but I will let ya know what he has to say.

Love ya always




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Aug. 15, 2008 at 2:13 PM

ouch! I used to get sharp pain in dr havs figured out why!! um my #1Mom day was w/dd 1 was well he left what he bought out..i was up first. He bought him somthing, & me a card & something hasnt gotten much better so hope it has for u!!  ;-D

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