i would just like to say to my "friends" on here before I start writing that YES I know I'm stupid for staying with this doc.....however....

So Lain had his 2nd weight check another month has gone by and guess what, he gained 0. That's right, not an ounce. He is 18lbs 7oz! Oh but he did grow 1 1/2 inches! He is now 29 1/2 inches long. To be honest, I'm a little frustrated at the whole situation. He has been eating SO good especially for just starting solids 2 months ago. Since we figured out that he just wants to feed himself and I started offering things he could pick up on his own, he goes to town! I still nurse him several times a day as I feel it is still very important. So anyway, at his last appt she was concerned about his iron levels so I was armed and ready for her to come at me with this. And she did bring it up so I asked her "wouldn't he be tired all the time if he was anemic?" and she tells me that infants are more resilient and can adapt to things better so he wouldn't necessarily be tired all the time. BUT on top of iron concerns (which I think is crap) she starts talking about possible Thyroid problems. I'm like, are you kidding me?! On one hand she tells me that she thinks he doing so great developmentally so she doubts that it could really be anything but she doesn't want to overlook something. She went and even got another doc to come look at Lains chart! And they together decide that I should take him to a pediatric nutritionist. And she really wants to run his blood work to check his iron, thyroid, kidney enzymes, liver enzymes and a few other things she rattled off as my head was spinning with things like ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! MY SON IS HEALTHY!!!!! So anyways, against my better judgement and the guilt already starting if I said no, what if! Even though I'm 99% sure THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH MY SON!!!! I let her stick my poor little baby and draw blood from his tiny little vein. (By the way I think that bothered me more than him! He was a tough guy and I think was pissed more than hurt!) Anyway, after they drew his blood I went to the nurses station where the ped usually sits because I wasn't sure what she wanted me to do next and I saw what she had been reading when she left the room to go talk to the other doc. In big BOLD letters at the top of the page was FAILURE TO THRIVE! Seriously, is this really what she went and pulled up? By the way take a look at his pics on my page and tell me if you think he looks like he is FAILING TO THRIVE! WTH?! Seriously. MY GOD! I'm so irritated that I even have to have this conversation. I told her I'm sure there are foods that I could be giving my son that would cause him to gain weight but I'm not concerned with the weight as much as I am concerned with the nutritional value of the foods I'm putting in him. I'm not going to start giving him chicken nuggets and cheeseburgers from Mickey D's just so that he gets enough fat on his bones! She said there were other things that had a higher calorie count that I could give him which is what the nutritionist would help with that are still healthy for him.

I don't know if I'm going to go to the nutritionist of not. Part of me wants to go to see if she has some good advice on healthy foods out there to feed my kids but my experience with the medical profession usually just ends up leaving me irritated!

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May. 15, 2008 at 1:37 PM

Oh my god!!! I kid you not, we are going through the SAME thing with Owen. At his 1 year check, he weighed 18.5 lbs and is 29 inches long. the dr was concerned about anemia (again, he has no signs of it!) and lead levels. what?!?! I refused to get the blood drawn, but he said i needed to "fatten that boy up." what?! Honestly, do all doctors just want a jumbo sized baby to be happy? I told him i was still nursing and MOST breastfed babies weigh less than formula fed babies. that didn't seem to matter to him. I was furious when I left.  SO, even though we're still technically with this doctor, we've cancelled his next "well baby" check and the vaccines. what's a mom to do??

So, looks like we have more in common than we thought!

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