today my husband informed me that he has a very likely possibilty of being transfered to a new job.  the nearest place is 7 hours away.  im usually supportive in new ventures however i have 2 children from a previous marriage and their father and i have joint custody.  moving will be very hard .  because they will not not be able to come.  so i have suggest my husband looking for a new job, but he has 15 years with his present company and does not want to leave.  so do i go and see my other children 10and 8 once a month and on school breaks do i visit my husband on weekends only and take away him seeing his 18mth old.  do i demand him to start over in a new company,  i don't know how to tell the older kids that mom has to leave or explain to a smaller one that we wont see bubby and sisssy so much.  it is a very hard time and very sad one at that.  i am just so confused i know that i need to follow my husband but how do i see my other kids so little.

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