So as many of you know, Scott and I were totally excited to be going to Iowa next weekend to see his father and his siblings. Scott called his dad today to find out that we have to cancel our trip because his dad up and decided that THAT WEEKEND he had to go to Florida to deal with something having to do with his step-daughter. Ok, Scott is totally bummed....and he's already requested the 3 days no turning back on that. I'm so angry I was crying.....because his dad wasn't in the picture until this past December. Scott met his dad for the first time ever in March. I just feel like Scott got the raw end of the deal. I know things came up and I would hope this is something that really couldn't wait to another weekend for the sake of the newly formed relationship between Scott and his dad. I"m jsut at my wits end. Ok girls, that said, I too requested off next Thurs and Friday.....someone come up with a play date idea.....I'll actually be able to come. I think Thursday we might take James to the library baby story time...who knows. I came up with plans for Saturday and Sunday.....but if I don't come up with something for Thurs and Friday Scott will sit at home moping around playing XBox 360.

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May. 16, 2008 at 5:38 PM I'm sure we will have a playdate one of those days! Sorry your trip was cancelled.

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