13 years old
She is independent, outgoing, loving, very silly, bossy, talkative, loves to dance and sing, she is a very girly-girl but also loves to play outside and get dirty! She loves to play house and is a great mom to her dolls! She loves to give hugs and kisses. She loves animals, loves fruit and veggies, and also has a big sweet tooth! She has a big imagination and can play by herself for hours. She is truly a Blessing!
18 years old
He is a very energitc, outgoing, athletic, silly, fun, loving, creative, intelligent, very talkative kid. He loves to play outside, skateboard, ride his bike, play basketball, baseball and his new found interest is ice skating! He loves playing video games, hanging out with his family watching movies and being adventurous. He loves animals and has a big sweet tooth just like his dad!