My baby, what can I say! She's the one that looks like me. Being the youngest, she gets by with more than the others did. At six, she is still very connected to me, but beginning to break out on her own. She has a strong will and is gorgeous child!
My 1st daughter by birth, but 4th in line when it comes to the rest. She's a handfull, but maybe that's because she's a lot like me (with a twist)! she was reading before she entered a school, and is very intelligent, but that same intellligence gets her in trouble sometimes. She is extrememely soft hearted.
Typical teen boy, but very supportive and protective of his mom. He is my first by birth, but 3rd in line of all "my" kids. He's got a reputation as a great kid, but can get bossy and demanding with his little sisters and me. I couldn't be without him!!!!
My 1st boy by being his stepmom. He was my little sweetheart. He was only 18 months old when I met their dad, He's a grown guy now, it's been a long time since their dad and I split, but thank goodness we're still friends. The kids and I never stopped loving each other, He even lived with me for 2 yrs after the split. He played hockey, soccer and football. (hated English in school) :)
She was my 1st daughter, through being her stepmom. She was funny, loving, and very intelligent, Like her younger sister, this intelligence had a tendency to get her in trouble. Her little sister looks like her and frequently reminds me of her. We lost her recently to death. I still have trouble adjusting to it.
My oldest daughter, by adoption when she was 13, now 23. We've grown to a different place in our relationship. I still get to be Mom once in a while, but for the most part, we're friends now. I LOVE it! I'm very proud of her, she's grown strong and independent! A huge thing for someone from her neglected and abusive background! 175 miles apart but we're in touch daily! She's given me 2 grandkids!! YEAH!