4 years old
My baby boy is finally here! After 3 girls my little man has made his arrival :)
7 years old
My Sweet Zoey Jayne is the baby of the family and fits in so well and has her daddy wrapped her little finger. Even at 6 months old you can tell she is going to be a deep thinker and has a smile to brighten the darkest of days..
10 years old
Layla is the clown of the family she will do anything to get a laugh. She can be very sweet or be very sour @ times but mostly sweet thank goodness. She learns things very quickly and thinks she is much older than what she really is. She is also very clumsy so needless to say I have to kiss alot of her boo boo's.
11 years old
Ava is spunky,outgoing,and strongwilled.. She knows what she wants when she wants it but she is also a very loving baby.. She can melt you with her big blue eyes.Needless to say she is the light of my life..She thinks she is a princess which to me she really is and loves to dance and sing. She is learns new things very quickly and loves to try new things except