6 years old
15 years old
benny is my 5year old he has a disability called adhd and pdd it's a form of atusim the doctors are not sure if thats what it is we are still in the process of finding the right medicane, but he is still my angel he loves to play with his dump trucks and his favorite color is green, and he loves to play with his army men i likes to have stories red to him, he is my third blessing.
17 years old
michael is my sencitive child if someone is sad he is sad, he is 7yrs old and he is in the 1st grade hes a great helper and loves to go camping and watch spongebob his favorite color is blue and he likes to ride his bike ang go swimming, and he is very photogenic he is my second blessing.
18 years old
my daughter is 11 yrs going on 15, she is a sweetheart alweys willing to help, she alweys has a great big smile on her face that lights up the room, she is in the 7th grade, her favorite color is red, loves arts and crafts and she is one of my blessings.