Nicholas is the baby and was planned..he has ulcerative colitis which has been a challenge.
Josh is married to a wonderful lady and has a new baby girl, Evie.
Justin pretty much has me wrapped around his finger.
Brittany is my best girlfriend.
Brianna is my oldest daughter.
Jeremey is my pride and joy. When he isn't around I feel like part of my heart is missing. He was born with heart defects and had gone thru numerous operations and procedures. Last summer his aortic valve was replaced. He is the heart and soul of our family. He is divorced and has a daughter, Kendra (6) and Jacob (3) and a stepdaughter, Feather (12). He is one of the strongest souls I know and I can't imagine life without him.
Chris is my oldest...he is the kid in class that you always wanted to hit because his hand went up first and he always had the right answers. He is married toa wonderful lady and they have three small daughters.