Expecting a Boy
Coming Soon
8 years old
My grandchild. weighed 5lbs and 14 oz's. Cutest little thing you have ever seen. Lyrick's sister.
8 years old
Maddox is my new grandson. He weighed 8 lbs and 8 ozs. and was 20.5 inches long. He is a beautiful baby boy. This is Lauren's child, Savion's brother. I will submit a photo later.
10 years old
Savion is my grandson. He is 9 months old and is a handfull. He is a BIG boy. He wears about a size 24 mo's. now. He's not fat at all he is just muscular. We're hoping or a football player. He has the sweetest personality and loves his family.He really loves his mamaw. His smile lights up a room.
15 years old
Lyrick is actually my grandchild who I have raised since she was one. To me, that makes her my child. She is very talented in gymnastics and competitive cheerleading and she can sing really well. She is very smart and she starts kindergarten this year. She is my heart and soul and her smile in contagious.
27 years old
She is the most loving child. She sings like a charm. She makes very good grades in school. She is my best friend. She is 17, and she has a 5 month old little boy. She is a great mother. I never have to run out to the store anymore, I just get her to go for me. You will see her on american idol someday.
30 years old
He is a jokester. He needs to find a job. He is extremely handsome and loves extreme sports.
35 years old
She was born on July 4th and came in with a bang and hasn't let up since. She is the most hardheaded person you could ever meet. She hates for anybody to give her any advice and does exactly what she wants to. She is very beautiful and has been since she was born.