15 years old
Michelle is our granddaughter, such a joy to be around. She loves playing with her friends and plans on being a Vet and motorcycle policewoman. She loves animals, and we often find her inspecting our four dogs.
33 years old
Sophia is attending Cal State San Marcos and is mother to Michelle . They live just minutes away from us. She loves yoga, running, and wants to work for the airlines. Recently she turned Vegan and is helping the whole family eat healthier.
35 years old
Lia is a graduate of CSLB with her degree in Kinesiology. But she would just like to be a stay at home mom. She served as house mom to 9 girls at her soroiety while working as a server at the Long Beach Seaport Village. Now in Korea for her 2nd year of teaching english.
37 years old
Rey lives in Colorado. His passion is snowboarding, golfing and living to the max~