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T om
10 years old
Tj is the only boy in the group and he is 16 months old. for now I can see he is very happy and loves his sister. he loves to play and run around. He does not cry alot and is very active.
12 years old
Celia is my timid child. She jusst started preschool and she loves it. She is very playful, eay to cry and is helpful. She is also very friendly and love to dance and sing. She goes to dance school and is learning ballet and tap. She is mommy baby cause shes always wants to be around me. She is a sweet tooth.
14 years old
Lyn is a very friendly and happy child. She loves to draw, dance and even help around the house. She goes to dance school and is learning ballet, tap, and jazz. She is even doin gym. Lyn is very sensitive at times and is caring for others feelings. She is ethutiatic about stuff and always want to learn.
19 years old
Jojo is very quiet and has to encouraged most of the time. she loves karate, writing, and reading. She wears glasses and is in the 5th grade. She is very helpful at home with her other sibblings and around the house.