Lucas Aiden
9 years old
Lucas is just a wild and crazy boy. He is always hurt or into something and keeps my on my feet! he is just a bundle of personality and you just want to yell at him and laugh at him all at the same time! He is very expressive and loves to make faces.
Zachary William
10 years old
zachary is a very calm,loving little boy. He loves everything and everyone. He's the first to give you a big hug and kiss. If your sad he says "its ok I'll be your friend" He loves animals and lots of things people consider "girly". He is afraid of alot of things which can be challenging at times but hes growing out of that.
Nicholas Matthew
14 years old
Nicholas can be a challenge at times. He is extremely shy and withdrawn. We have thought that he could be on the autism spectrum but his teacher and doctor don't believe so. Sometimes he has anger issues but not severe. When he is happy he is an amazing boy,very intelligent and halerious! He adores his little brother and most of the time is wonderful to them.
20 years old
Sadie is my little sister. Right now I am trying to gain custody of her. Having her will present challenges as she is AD/HD, bipolar and has learning disabilities. Her mentalty is that of an 7 or 8 year old. However she is a sweet girl and has come through so much in her life already!