11 years old
Ally is a happy, energetic, and caring little girl. She loves to take care of other people and animals. She is very social and talkative and loves to make new friends. Her interests are baby dolls, Dora the Explorer, playing outdoors, swimming, purses, and shopping!
12 years old
Caleb is a very sweet, happy, and quiet little guy. He is a little bit on the shy side, but when he opens up he reveals a very sensitive and caring person. He is SUCH a joy to be around and a very easy child to parent. His interests are reading, coloring, swimming, playing outdoors, riding his bike, Star Wars, and sports
15 years old
Andrew is a sweet natured, happy, and pleasant little boy! He is always fun to be around, and loves to socialize and make new friends. He will be in 2nd grade next year. His interests are Star Wars, reading, swimming, Sponge Bob, soccer, basketball and baseball.