16 years old
This is the oldest of my twins. She is very smart and very ornery. Got to love her. I dont even want to see her in high school LOL.. no not litterally. Just not looking forward to things to come LOL... I it will be fun and challenging !!
16 years old
The youngest of my twins LOL. Techincally they are only seconds apart tho. She is a petite little thing. Almost half the size of her twin sister.
18 years old
Sadie is my oldest daughter. She is 'Mommy's little princess" and if you ask her she is more than happy to inform you LOL. Yes she "thinks" she is spoiled. She gets very upset with mommy when she hears the N...O... word LOL. But they all are like that right?? LOL She is a camera ham too. LOL
21 years old
My youngest boy. He takes after his Dad alot. Dark eyes and everything. Very active and always hungry.. and they say it is worse when they are teens. OH MY I dont know if I will be able to afford him LOL... Just Kidding.
23 years old
My oldest boy. Arron is very artistic. He loves to draw and make different things. He also likes to believe that he is all grown up. Of course that goes with the age.