10 years old
Laila is my grand baby !!! She lives in Florida with her momma and is the most precious thing in the world to me (next to my own of course) Our family recently went to Florida to meet her and boy how the tears flowed and meeting her and then leaving her and lots of others in between. The love connection I felt for her is amazing!! I miss her every day and "talk" to her on the phone a few times a week. If I can't be with her all the time I want her to know my voice.
17 years old
My little girl is 9 and in the third grade. We have recently learned that we can no longer spell out words we don't want her to hear as she can now figure them out!! I am amazed by her everyday!! I love her soo very much! Some of her favorite things to do are to sing and make up stories and play with her little friends! She also adores her big brother... who is busy teasing her all the time!! LOL Everyday is a joy with my little angel!
28 years old
She is amazing and in the past couple of years our relationship has evolved into a wonderful best friend kind of thing. Of course it took her moving to Florida to live with her dad that we were finally able to get to know each other as people rather than fighting enemies. She gave birth to a beautiful little baby girl in February. I'm worried about her but I am confident that with love and patience she will be okay
30 years old
My son is great !! Currently he is enrolled in barber college and he seems to love it! His goal is to open his own shop and rent out space for tattoo artists to work there as well. Although this is not something I would have ever imagined he would do with his life, he's happy which makes me happy!! I just love him soo much!