27 years old
My youngest child. Opposite of his sister. Had no desire to be independent or do anything for himself! He was perfectly happy letting his older siblings do it all! This didn't change much during teen years. Had to give him the boot at age 20 to et him up and going. He surprised me and passed 5 months og Army basic training. Now he's an Arm MP stationed Germany, soon to be deployed to Afghanistan. I'm so proud of him! He's come a long way.
32 years old
My beautiful Ashley! She was independent and determined from birth! Tying her shoes at 20 months, dressing herself completely by age 18 months and completely potty trained. Off to Japan at age 18 in the Air Force. Now a new RN at age 26, and a new wife (got both licenses in the same week!) Great kid. Proud to be her mom:)
34 years old
Oh Thomas! He's such a character. I became Toms mom when he was three years old. He has MR and was non verbal, as was his brother Matt. I taught him how to talk, how to eat, how to bathe, etc. He's my social butterfly now. Cruises the neighborhood on his bike, looking for someone to talk to, or help out. Talks on his cell phone, and proudly works at a sheltered workshop.
35 years old
Matt is my eldest child. Although not a biological son, I raised him from age 4 up. I still take care of him, even though he's 30. Matt has mental retardation, as does his brother Thomas. He was a joy to raise; so compliant and eager to please! Everyone let sorry for me having two sons with MR. I'd quickly tell them that the "normal" kids are the challenge!