Anne Kathryn
14 years old
is the family princess and lives up to her role every day. She is one tough little cookie who follows her brothers everwhere. She calls them "her boys". She is a type A personality who loves to be the boss. Currently her nick name is Annie K but that could change at any moment. She enjoys crafting alongside mommy and is very creative. I enjoy our time alone while the boys are at school, we call it "girl time"... I'll miss it in the Fall when she goes off to preschool.
18 years old
Born to be a rocket scientist.... he's an awesome little boy who still likes to cuddle with mommy. He's full of questions and usually answers too. He's the first born and knows it.... even though he's only 3 minutes older than his twin brother.
18 years old our little drama king. He's a brilliant writer and very intelligent. He loves to be center stage and usually is directing his siblings in some original production. He's into art, music and of course dinosaurs!