2 years old
4 years old
Colton is our rainbow baby. :) He was born July 2nd, 2013. VERY good baby. We are very blessed!
Angel Baby- Hayden
6 years old
Hayden was born on June 3rd of 2011, and passed shortly after. We found out when I was 13 weeks that he had a bladder obstruction. The after that I started going to a specialist every week to 2 weeks. There was then problem after problem. We soon found out his ventricles in the brain had fluid in them, then half of his heart quit working. Because of that, he had fluid in the abdominal area. But with all of this on our shoulders, we never gave up hope for with him. We fought til the end..
10 years old
Logan is so full of enegry! He is such a happy, smart little boy! He enjoys learning new things! Some of his activitys are riding his bike, blowing bubbles and MARIO! He loves anything dealing with Mario! <3