6 years old
She's my wish baby, I wanted a girl for so long and gave up after 15yrs of trying and no baby. She's my 2nd family as my boys are much older. She's a beautiful special needs baby who smiles all the time, she's a dream. She slept thru the night from day one and makes progress with leaps and bounds.
23 years old
He's my difficult child, he's done everything different than other kids and in some ways gives me the most trouble, but in others he's the most special. He loves poetry and wood working and being healthy.He fights with his brother and is slow to love his sister, because he hates change of any kind. I think that's why he doesn't do well in high school.He wants mom for everything yet wants to push me away the most. Ugh, how can I do anything but love him?
26 years old
He's my oldest and lately he's my right hand, he adores his little sister and takes his responsibilities very seriously. And believe me he wasn't an easy kid, being bi-polar made it hard to keep up with his moods. He's creative and smart, and sometimes a smart mouth. But we get along better now than when he was a teen, thank goodness.