7 years old
Joey is my baby boy and only son that I have. He loves it when somebody talks to him especially if it's his sisters or a girl. He is a busy body and always happy. He hasn't really got his personality all in but he is goofy at times.
12 years old
Cambrie is my youngest daughter but she is my most outgoing kid. She knows no stranger and loves asking questions or giving orders. She likes to think she is a mermaid.
13 years old
Hope is my shy child when you first meet her but opens up as she gets to know you. She loves trying to keep up with her sisters but at times will do her own thing. She is also a little miss mommy with kids younger then her.
14 years old
Gracie is my little miss princess. She wants to wear dresses and high heels every day and walks on her toes and twirls all the time. But at the same time she is not scared to get dirty but she is not a big fan of touching the deer meat while helping daddy clean them.
15 years old
Kaylee is my tomboy she loves getting rough and tough. We have been working on her more involved in the local rodeos for she wants to ride the bull just like the boys.
15 years old
Kylee is Kaylees twin but very different from her sister. She is my mommy to her sisters and love to do what older girls can do. She sometimes like to think she is older then what she is. She loves fashion and justin bieber, lol.
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