9 years old
She is a comedian. She is always on the move.. She loves to laugh. She is extremely outgoing and effectionate. She loves all animals. She is quite intelligent in her own way. She has a temper and a strong will. She also is free spirited. She is beautiful with sandy blonde hair and big chocolate eyes. She shares her brother's eye lashes. She looks like a pixie and will cause her daddy grief with the boys later in life. She is daddy's little squeeker and mommy's sprite.
12 years old
He is very intuitive. He is empathetic to other people's feelings. He thinks outside the box. He is very imaginative. He is in kindergarten. He loves to learn. He flurts with all the girls. He is quite handsome with his blonde hair and big whiskey eyes and eye lashes that are a mild long. He is very intelligent and loves to try knew things. He is our dare devil. He is his daddy's little buddy and his my favorite boy.