Jayce Rylan
5 years old
My last and final beautiful baby boy.
Noah Issac
7 years old
My youngest for right now at least till August hehe. My messy man. He is wat wakes me up in the morning lol. My lil ray of sunshine.... All my kids are wat keep me going on in life. <3
Destiny Marie
11 years old
My second born.... She is a princess and loves being girly.... She is my heart and loves being tom boy when need be.. If it has wheels then she can drive it..
Tyler Alexander
16 years old
He is outgoing. Loves school. Is attending an afterschool program as well. Loves all sports and just being outside. Loves watching movies and snuggling with mommy on the couch..... Loves vegatables and not much of a meat eater. Maybe he will grow into meat one day....