Caleb is my second born child. He is very wise beyond his years and very mature. Caleb loves to watch Thomas The Tank Engine while playing along with his huge collection of Thomas trains. He is a well rounded child who loves dancing and singing. Caleb loves to draw and color. Caleb is currently reading on a first grade level. Caleb is very well oragnized and loves cleaning his room :-0 He is the light of my heart and life would be plain boring with out him.
Maurice is my eldest child. He is an energetic 9 year old who likes skate boarding, riding motor scooters and playing playstation. His favorite cartoon is Dragon Ball Z. Maurice is in the 4th grade and loves to spell. He is an awesome child who helps me around the house, and looks after his younger brother. Maurice does several different voices and loves to make people laugh. I couldn't imagine my life with out him.