Expecting a Girl
Coming Soon
6 years old
Aubbry is my lil peanut girl<3 she was born at 35 weeks and is a little under developed but is doing much better. I finally just got her eating baby food and she's now crawling around and says only one word..."da da" she's a daddy's girl all the way! The first time I held her mike was next to me, she had her eyes closed and as soon as mike spoke she opened her eyes and turned her head to look at him<3 guess you can't win 'em all ;)
7 years old
Jerimiah is a very active 2 yr old boy! He hasn't really started talking yet, but he bables at a mile a min! I can't wait to know what he's actually saying (: He definatly keeps me on my toes and is a handful, but he can always make me laugh even on my worst days!
8 years old
He is such a wonderful little man! I had him right before I turned 19 and I did my best for 9 months to raise him, but thought I was I'll equipped at the time to be a mother, so I signed my rights to his grandmother. It was the hardest decision I have ever made and hurts sometimes, but i do not regret it. Drake now has a life I could not give him and i am so happy for him!