9 years old
Silly as can be, obsessive taylor swift fan and shes not even 5 yet! super smart and loves baby's,barbies and friends. dont let her fool you tho. She would sell you out in a second to get her way lol her actual real name is peyton however we have never called her that except for when shes been in trouble. we had a hard time picking out her name in the hospital yet she was alway peypey from the moment we seen her.
11 years old
Konnor is my crazy little man! love him to death and he will really give you a run. He never really gets tired he is also adhd and yes on medication. I however decided after having him knock most the teeth out in his mouth it was for the best. He is doing amazing in kindergarden this year and making awesome progress. he loves playing army,cops,hide and seek and doing anything outdoors he love fishing to death and if you show him a pic he can name almost any of them.