10 years old
Atlast, the baby. I was blessed with all of my children being very good babies. Drake, he is the type of baby that would make everyone want to have 10 . He is so pleasant. Maybe he just knows mommys got her hands full.
11 years old
She is the only girl out of five. Need I say more. Mommys little girl. She already knows how to make your heart melt. I think she may grow up to be a comedian. She's gonna be a heartbreaker.
14 years old
Hunter is the middle child.(and lets everyone know it) He plays the role quite well. He is his fathers shadow. Hunter has so much energy that it is hard to keep him occupied. Always wants to be outside. Likes to hang woth the big boys, but want to be catered to like the babies. He is very loving and always thinks about others.
16 years old
Gavin is a little more out spoken. Very sensitive though. He is more likely to get into a mild argument with a buddy when they have been together too long. The first to stand up for someone he cares about. Also likes to be outdoors.
22 years old
Trey is very athletic. His favorite sport to play is baseball. He also loves to hunt and fish. Trey is very polite, mild manored, and gets along with everyone.