17 years old
Her name means "the Light" and that she has been in everyone's life. She is sweet, quiet and just graceful, and always has this peace about her that people are just drawn to. You can't help but smile when she walks into the room. She's very popular, loves her friends and is a bit of a tomboy. High School Musical is her current interest.
20 years old
My tough girl, she rocks. She's a real individual, not one to follow the crowd, and she loves animals. Wants to be an animal trainer when she grows up and I believe she can do it too. She is me when I was a kid, complete w/temper tantrums and freckles. She's my best friend.
24 years old
My first born, my pain in the butt teenager, he is sweet, extremely sensitive, and loves to wear black, loves punk rock and Harry Potter. He is the one who is always concerned about how "I" am doing, how he can help. Except when I ask him to take out the Garbage!!!