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36 years old
well i know all mothers say that there kids are good but she is my baby and the last one i could have had cs dunn with all of them and i almost lost her she was in a car act sorry spelled wrong her and her boyfriend but they are doing good now but her husband now witch was her boyfriend still has problems he was seperrated spelled wrong on the inside they didnt think he could have kids but now i have a
37 years old
well he is very good boy but been into some trouble a lot his dad threw him out at the age of 16 been on his own but he did his time for the crim he didnt do and now he has stratend up and married with 2 kids of his own like i said he is a good man
39 years old
she is a very good girl but didnt know she had some thing wrong with her spin sorry couldnt spell it and she went threw 3 operrations[spelled wrong] and now on disableaty and has 2 kids of her on she has a lot wrong with her