9 years old
Beautiful little girl that has brought so much happiness to our family!
12 years old
She is a very sweet little girl. She likes to play house with her dolls and read books. She still takes naps which is great and she goes to bed at 8 like clock work. She loves to put my shoes on and walk around the house. But she's not always happy especially when we get in the car. She is probably the worst car rider I know. She is a master at climbing out of her carseat.
14 years old
Joe is a sweet little boy. Who tells me he loves me all the time. He likes to ride his bike and color. He plays the roll of a big brother very well. If she's sad he likes to make her happy which makes my job a whole lot easier. But, we can't forget he is a toddler with lots of energy. To much at times.