8 years old
My sweet littlest girl . . . I'm so blessed to her this little cuddle bug in my life . . . Though VERY high maintainance she is an absolute delight and her sweet smile melts my heart every time . . . though unplanned and at times unwanted (a lot of depression isses this pregnancy) our Livi Love is destined to change theworld with her strong spirit and amazing personallity
9 years old
My itty-bitty man who isn't so itty bitty anymore, mommy's little cuddle bug . . . so independant and the little tinkerer . . . he has to know how things work and nothing is safe from his curiosity . . . Our second and the first grandson on either side, he'll probably be as spoiled if not more so than his big sissy who loves him so much
10 years old
My first born, my little drama queen. Miss Brooke already knows what she likes and is very quick to let you know what she doesn't. My tall, brown-haired, hazel-eyed baby girl is quite S-P-O-I-L-E-D and tends to get her way (though mommy is working very hard to change that, but grandma and daddy make it hard to do).