It is recommended that women have 1200 units of calcium per day. After menopause this increases to 1500 units. I know that you can get calcium through your diet, but many women do not get the recommended amounts. How is your calcium intake?

Do you take calcium supplements?

  • Just in my multivitamin

  • Extra calcium with multivitamin

  • Once a month type (Boniva, Actonel, etc)

  • Just when I think about it

  • No, never

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Submitted by at 8:20 PM on Dec. 2, 2008
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Do you take calcium supplements?

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Submitted by at 8:20 PM on Dec. 2, 2008
Votes (108) Comments (14)


  • beeky
    Submitted by   at 8:17 AM on December 4, 2008

    I am menopausal so I take a calcium and magnesium supplement.  I used to drink a lot of milk but I have become lactose intolerant so I had to give that up.

  • joanlovest...
    Submitted by   at 9:24 PM on December 4, 2008

    osteomatrix from Shaklee is what I use

  • lipstickcl...
    Submitted by   at 5:09 PM on December 5, 2008

    I take 500 units twice a day, as well as folic acid and some other supplements, I don't usually take a mulitvitamin though.

  • armywifeLJ...
    Submitted by   at 11:41 PM on December 17, 2008

    don't need one, i get about 4-6 servings of dairy a day i was raised on milk like it was the main part of a healthy diet

  • Lornamay
    Submitted by   at 4:02 AM on December 18, 2008

    I just looked at my vitamin bottle and it only has 11 mg or 1% of dailey value. Hmmm, maybe I should get a calcuim supplement

  • livingheal...
    Submitted by   at 5:41 PM on December 18, 2008

    Yes, Lornamay the problem with vitamin only is that there is not enough calcium included. (the vitamin pill would be to big to swallow if your needed calcium was added to it) You need to add a calcium supplement to your regular vitamin. Make sure that your vitamins and calcium supplement have a high solubility rate.  Without this, your body cannot absorb the nutrients.

  • pnrfisher
    Submitted by   at 8:43 AM on December 19, 2008

    I take Melaleuca Vitamins DOCUMENTED PROOF to be the best in the word...You will start seeing them advertised soon in magazines as of now you can only get them thru a Membership to Melaleuca..I have never felt better in my life and they have GREAT health benifits...My Aunts Cholesterol dropped 107 points in 3 months on these vitamins and my son has been able to put away his Asthma nebulizer machine I will be a Melaleuca vitamin user for LIFE....

  • debra_beng...
    Submitted by   at 6:17 PM on December 21, 2008

    I get mine from my Tums. I have chronic heartburn and take 4-6 Tums a day. (I've tried the OTC stuff and it doesn't help. The prescription stuff gives me stomach cramps.)
    But, between the Tums and the cheese and yogurt I eat daily, I think I'm okay.

    Submitted by   at 12:46 AM on December 26, 2008

    I take a multivitamin and drink a glass of milk everyday for breakfast!

  • cmarielin
    Submitted by   at 2:13 AM on December 26, 2008

    I used to take a calcuim supplement, but then I got calcium kidney stones. I just eat a variety of foods and take a multivitamin semi-regularly.

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