What is your favorite tree color????
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Christmas trees

  • Real ONLY!

  • Real but flocked

  • Fake and green

  • Fake and White

  • Fake green with white

  • Fake Silver

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Submitted by at 2:42 PM on Dec. 4, 2008
Votes (86) Comments (11)

Christmas trees

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Submitted by at 2:42 PM on Dec. 4, 2008
Votes (86) Comments (11)


  • Lynette
    Submitted by   at 2:53 PM on December 4, 2008

    I have fake and green but I want real

  • okmanders
    Submitted by   at 5:54 PM on December 4, 2008

    i have fake & green b/c its cheaper than buying a real tree every year. id rather have a real one!

  • ireland78
    Submitted by   at 1:36 AM on December 5, 2008

    I like real ones. They smell so nice.

  • zombie_mom...
    Submitted by   at 7:06 PM on December 5, 2008

    My mom has a pink Barbie Christmas tree, it was made by Barbie/Mattel. We're both Barbie collectors. She has a huge 7ft fake tree too. We have a 12 INCH fake black tree. We put our miniture ornaments on it. I'm hoping to buy a small fake tree later this week. I like real trees but its a lot of work and mess for me.

  • mamak57
    Submitted by   at 8:08 PM on December 5, 2008

    i use the same tree my gramma had when my girlies were growing up. We grew up with mom having a silver tree decorated in only blue bulbs and garland. i hated it

  • SAHM_N_Luv...
    Submitted by   at 7:09 PM on December 7, 2008

    I love my fake green's 10 1/2 feet tall. Growing up, ours was fake white w/ red ornaments and bows...I hated that stupid white tree!

  • lesliemck8...
    Submitted by   at 4:16 AM on December 8, 2008

    We have a fake tree right now but I'd love a real one, I miss the "smell" of Christmas...

  • Karismom12...
    Submitted by   at 11:13 PM on December 9, 2008

    In the main living room I have a real green tree. In another part of the house I have a fake green and then in yet another I have a fake pink one!

  • cmarielin
    Submitted by   at 9:39 PM on December 10, 2008

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to be able to afford a real one that's potted, not chopped I could re-plant it when we were through with it in the house. This year Home Depot had chopped down trees for sale for only $15, and $$$ was a bit we did that this year. But NEXT year...we're getting one we can plant when Christmas is over. :-)

  • LokisMama
    Submitted by   at 1:08 AM on December 18, 2008

    I'm allergic to christmas trees, so it's fake for me.

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