Pick which one you used for your most recent pregnancy. If you have changed your choice from subsequent pregnancies then comment below on why you changed and which you preferred. This is just for fun so don't judge other mom's for their choices or their reasons!

Midwife or OB?

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Submitted by at 7:15 PM on Dec. 5, 2008
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Midwife or OB?

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Submitted by at 7:15 PM on Dec. 5, 2008
Votes (169) Comments (25)


  • beckcorc
    Submitted by   at 7:17 PM on December 5, 2008

    I used a midwife the first time around but I am thinking that I will go with an OB next time because I had a complicated delivery. There were four midwives in our practice and I only really like one of them and now she left!

  • Pauline328...
    Submitted by   at 10:17 PM on December 5, 2008

    I only use midwives now. OBs don't care about a woman's right to choose her birth experience. I will never use one again.

  • anabelsmom...
    Submitted by   at 11:13 AM on December 6, 2008

    I think you have to find the right OB... I was FORTUNATE to find a great OB... He never hassled me for information and if I felt like something need to be brought up, he left it upon me to do it... He was awesome and I can't stress that enough that not all OB's are "bad" and I actually get a lil frustrated when I see people bashing on them... My OB let me decide if I wanted a c-section, be induced, or wait another 2wks. He was obviously better than your OB.. that's all I gotta say.

  • seposte
    Submitted by   at 6:28 PM on December 6, 2008

    I only use midwives now. They are MUCH less interventive and care more about the patient as a person. They take more time with you. And they don't see pregancy as a medical crisis but just as a human condition.

  • beckcorc
    Submitted by   at 7:21 PM on December 6, 2008

    One of my midwives actually tried to make me feel like a failure for having to have a c-section after trying without drugs to birth my baby for 72 hours! Then when I told her that I felt like I had done everything I could she ROLLED HER EYES AT ME! I am sorry but some of those people are just too caught up in their ideology and have their heads in their you know whats!

  • PhilsBabyM...
    Submitted by   at 1:36 PM on December 7, 2008

    I had a direct entry midwife attend my son's birth. It was awesome. She was very hands off, and just encouraged me to do what felt right, whether that was laying down, walking, sitting in the tub or leaning on my hubby.

  • EmeraldsMo...
    Submitted by   at 12:46 AM on December 8, 2008

    My most recent pregnancy and birth were unassisted.

  • beeky
    Submitted by   at 7:50 AM on December 8, 2008

     My kids were born in England and doctors only attend a birth if there are complications.  Other than that midwives do all the work.

    I had complications with my first so a doctor delivered my baby but I didn't have any with my second, so I only had midwives.

  • SahmTam
    Submitted by   at 3:10 PM on December 8, 2008

    Nurse midwife for my 1st labor until I had problems and eventually needed a c-section. The reason for my c-section was not something that was going to go away, so I had OBs the whole time with my next two.

  • mysticwv
    Submitted by   at 10:34 PM on December 9, 2008

    Midwife but only because all of the Obs around here are men and I really don't want any man other than my husband seeing me naked.

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