i say this because commitment is a problem in the west as marraige should not mean to be tied down but be with each other in good days and bad days.
parents should be an example to the kids that inspite of problems in the marraige it is for keeps.

Do you agree that parents should first be married to have children?

  • Yes

  • No

  • Not really

  • i dont care....

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Submitted by at 1:10 PM on Dec. 12, 2008
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Do you agree that parents should first be married to have children?

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Submitted by at 1:10 PM on Dec. 12, 2008
Votes (115) Comments (11)


  • lipstickcl...
    Submitted by   at 4:26 PM on December 12, 2008

    I think it is in the child's best interest to have parents who are together because they are happy together, not because they feel like they have to stick it out. I am happily married, but I think if a couple has a solid, loving relationship, regardless of marriage, that is the more important thing than the actual marriage certificate. Sometimes people can function better as parents if they are single and happy, rather than being married to someone they are not happy with anymore.

  • justanothe...
    Submitted by   at 12:48 AM on December 13, 2008

    I don't believe that at all. Just because people are married doesn't mean they are going to be any more committed or whatever...look at how many people cheat on their spouses. If they are going to cheat or break up it will happen whether they are married or not.

    My parents were together for about 10 years before they got married. In that time they had 2 kids. I was about 4 when they got married and they only did it for insurance reasons and because my got all religious and felt she was sinning by not being married (before that they agreed to just live a common law marriage...which wasn't recognized in our state at the time).
    They were together for 29 years when my mom died and I don't doubt they would have made it that long had they not gotten married.
    My aunt (my mom's younger sister) has been with her boyfriend for most of my life (at least 23 years) but they are not married. I've always called him "uncle" though.

  • Ecofriendl...
    Submitted by   at 3:01 AM on December 14, 2008

    love you sign

    Children need a loving family...whether it consists of married , unmarried, gay, straight, grandparents, foster, adoptive, dog, cat, whatever (maybe not the cat). :)

  • tushpush19...
    Submitted by   at 9:23 AM on December 15, 2008

    I wasn't married 1st but we did marry after he was Born and then got divorced 4yrs later. We shouldn't of got married in the first place.

  • BabyDio
    Submitted by   at 11:46 PM on December 15, 2008

    I'm not married (yet... give me till Sat) and I always said that I wouldn't... because an ongoing commitment is more important than a piece of paper, it shows that you WANT to be there.... not that you HAVE to be there... because for some reason people think that it's easier to leave when your not married.... but these days it's not... that paper isn't the commitment to most people that it used to be.... I would much rather give my daughter a loving home with her parents that care for eachother, than to feel forced into marrage.

  • DesertRose...
    Submitted by   at 4:49 PM on December 17, 2008

    I'm divorced from my first and only marriage. I'm now with my Significant Other and pregnant with his first child and I have absolutely no plans on getting married again. I don't need a peice of paper to tell me I'm in Love.

  • mamaomalle...
    Submitted by   at 6:47 PM on December 19, 2008

    This is a difficult question to answer. My parents were teenagers and only together long enough to make me. My mom has only been married/devorced once. Though she already had another kid when she met him. And my dad is still married to his first wife, though they only have one kid together. And 4 with other people. And are currently in the middle of a "seperation." Being able to explain this from the child's point of view. It's hard. My two family's are very different. And it's sad when you have to choose which parent you like more. Even if it's not a forced decision, your child will still make it. Marrage in my family is somewhat of a joke. No one has been married less than once. I don't plan to follow that path. People rush into marrage so fast that they don't sit and think of the future. They always see devorce as an easy escape. It's not. Marrage should be permenent. And children ARE permenent. If you have a child with someone, that person will always be apart of your life. Everyone is different and I'm not saying marrage is nessisary. Just that people should put more thought into it. Show our children that we don't give up easily, and devorce is absolutly the last resort. Make them think about what they're doing before they do it. No matter how much you don't believe in marrage, your kid is still going to want it. Set the best example you can. And if you're not married, explain to them why. So they don't run off and make the same mistake many people are making.

  • CrickettR
    Submitted by   at 10:23 PM on December 28, 2008

    If you ask my Grandpa he would say yes, but if you ask me.. well I say wait if your young for many reasons! You will get more help w/school or babies and better income tax w/o a husbands income! Trust me! I wish I would of went back to school b4 gettin hitched! lol.. I love my hubby but the paper didnt change much besides our wallets! :P

  • Starnana
    Submitted by   at 8:11 AM on January 2, 2009

    I used to feel that way until I looked at commitment from a different perspective. A baby is commitment, and you need to realize. Once the family is established the parents should do everything in their power to make a family circle for that child(legal or not)

  • MommyGrouc...
    Submitted by   at 12:16 AM on January 4, 2009

    I'm old fashion (even though I'm 24 =D) and I believe first comes marriage then comes whoever with a baby carriage. LOL.

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