My son attends pre-k, but is very shy and hides in corners while he's there. He doesn't participate and I feel like he's not ready. So I want to pull him out but my parents strongly disagree with my choice. Any opinions?

How important do you feel preschool is?

  • Extremely important-it's an essential step towards kindergarten!

  • Medium importance-sure it's good, but they don't HAVE to go.

  • Not so important-it really doesn't matter if they go or not.

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Submitted by at 8:06 PM on Dec. 17, 2008
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How important do you feel preschool is?

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Submitted by at 8:06 PM on Dec. 17, 2008
Votes (129) Comments (11)


  • justanothe...
    Submitted by   at 8:21 AM on December 18, 2008

    I think it depends very much on the kid. My son didn't go to preschool. We couldn't afford it and we made too much money for Head Start. His first day of school ever was the day he stepped foot into his Kindergarten classroom. He's in 1st grade and doing fine. He's struggling with reading but I'm not sure preschool would have changed anything. It's just how he is. But it's finally starting to click.
    My oldest probably could have skipped preschool and been fine and still reading by the end of Kindergarten because it is who she is. She went to preschool twice a week (3 hours total for the week) when she was 4.
    My middle daughter needed preschool. She was so clingy and had never spent time away from me except when she was with Daddy or Papa. So I put her in preschool in January to get her exposed to a school setting. She also went twice a week like her sister. But only went Jan-May and was already 5 when she started.
    She's in kindergarten now and doing great.
    I'm still considering putting my youngest in at 3 in the fall. I was going to wait until she was 4 but she is such a character and super smart. She wants to go to school like her siblings.

  • SahmTam
    Submitted by   at 10:36 AM on December 18, 2008

    I sent my oldest for 2 years (we sent him at 4 and he turned 5 the July after that school year and we still didn't feel he was ready socially for kindergarten, so he also went to another year of preschool at 5).

    My daughter's 4 (5 next month) and is in preschool and will go to kindergarten next year.

    My youngest son is 3.5, 4 in July and I'm debating sending him (he has to get potty-trained first... agh... that's another story lol).

    That said... I only place medium importance on it. My oldest has a high-functioning form of autism and learning around lots of other kids is hard and I think he needed the practice before real school.

    I don't necessarily think my daughter "needs" preschool, but she's a social butterfly and has too much social energy for my youngest and I to absorb LOL! In other words. She loves it, but it was kind of for selfish reasons that I sent her.

    My youngest, he is learning at the same pace as my daughter AND he knows from Bible school how to sit quietly and raise hands. I don't think he "needs" it, but I think he's like it and I think it would give me some quiet time, so IDK.

    For kids struggling it could be pretty important, but def not crucial if the parents are working with them IMO.

  • SahmTam
    Submitted by   at 10:36 AM on December 18, 2008

    Sorry for writing a book... ;-)

  • nysa00
    Submitted by   at 3:33 PM on December 18, 2008

    How important it is depends on the child. Perhaps your child needs a pre-k with a smaller class size, but it sounds like he does need the socialization. Pulling him now might teach him that if he doesn't like school he doesn't have to do it.

  • 3gymnastsm...
    Submitted by   at 5:04 PM on December 18, 2008

    If he's going to attend K next year, and he's not ready for Pre-K, then he might need to just to PreK next year. Is he always that shy? Start getting him help with that now.

  • YasminBohe...
    Submitted by   at 10:47 PM on December 19, 2008

    we homeschool...and learning is important throughout life. :-)

  • marcia1019
    Submitted by   at 2:42 AM on December 31, 2008

    I did preschool at home she entered kindergarten ahead of all the other kids that went outside of the home for playschool oops! I mean preschool.

  • armywifeLJ...
    Submitted by   at 4:16 PM on December 31, 2008

    i think it's really important for socializing. if you plan on sending your children to a school and not homeschooling them it is very crucial that they learn how to interact with other kids and also in the school environment. if you pull him out it will never get better, you'll just got through it in kindergarten

  • t3dragonfl...
    Submitted by   at 10:12 PM on January 3, 2009

    We homeschooled for 2 years before kindergarten and my son tested as completed the first year of first grade during level testing the first of the year. My 3 year old is already ahead of most kindergarteners in his class. Preschool is not necessary.

  • Torty_Mama
    Submitted by   at 1:12 AM on January 5, 2009

    I home pre-schooled my son and just made sure he was socialized, he did swim lessons, little gym, T-ball, etc.... He's in 1st grade now and doing fine. So, I think it's not to important.
    I felt being home with mommy was the most important at that age, he has 10 plus years to go to school!

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