As a super mom, I’m very much evolved in my children's life, education, best interest, well-being, and future. As parents we are always told to get evolve in our children's education. Well I'm always supporting my children's school whenever they need it. When one of my children are misbehaving, I have given the school my recommendation that best works for me at home. But many times the school say they will look into it to make sure it's policy, but their way of providing consequences to my child is not working. When my child's therapist offer a recommendation behavior chart for the teacher to follow that was working at home, the principle took the chart and had the same material revised by the counselor so that it shows the school created it. It's not the fact who created it, but the school seem to have problems with a parents recommendations. What do you think?

How envolved should school afficials allow parents to be in their child academic education?

  • very envolved so that our children can be successful both academically and productively in their future!

  • Some envolvement, with less recommendations

  • Only to support and follow what the school is recommending

  • None whatsover: the school always knows what's best for you child's education.

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Submitted by at 12:58 PM on Dec. 18, 2008
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How envolved should school afficials allow parents to be in their child academic education?

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Submitted by at 12:58 PM on Dec. 18, 2008
Votes (116) Comments (13)


  • babymar
    Submitted by   at 10:14 PM on December 18, 2008

    i have 2 sons on IEP plans, so i am very involved in what happens with my kids... the teachers/principal don't always like what i have to say, but they can't do anything without my input...

  • lipstickcl...
    Submitted by   at 4:25 PM on December 19, 2008

    Parents should be involved in their child's education, like the PP, I have 2 kids on IEP's, so basically everything that is going on at school has to go through both the parents and teachers, as well as therapists. That said, I understand that schools and the school officials have rules they have to follow, and what I do at home may not always work for them to do at school. I think the teachers and officials do what they think is best at school, and parents do what they think is best at home, and as long as the communication lines are open and everyone knows what is going on, that is the most important thing.

  • toomanypoo...
    Submitted by   at 9:06 PM on December 19, 2008

    Involved, officials. Sorry, I'm the spelling police.  Otherwise, your letter is nicely written and you sound like you're on top of it.  Keep it up. 

  • grandmasix
    Submitted by   at 3:41 PM on December 20, 2008

    I think parents should be very much invovled in their childrens school. I was very much active in my kids education and much more.

  • Sabella24
    Submitted by   at 7:19 PM on December 21, 2008

    We need to have a say in what our children are learning and do what we can to make sure they succeed!

  • trepsica
    Submitted by   at 10:40 PM on December 22, 2008

    i work at a school and our number 1 prioritie is family! even when parents request stuff that we don't agree with (like those stupid charts) we use them. parents get to decide what is best for their child.

  • RanaAurora
    Submitted by   at 2:08 AM on December 23, 2008

    Possibly INVOLVED in education... *cough*

  • cmarielin
    Submitted by   at 1:57 AM on December 27, 2008

    There is no school system, teacher, principal or any other system that knows a child better than that child's parents. They certainly don't love or care for our children like we do. Oh yeah, we should be involved. Totally.

  • Jakesmom11...
    Submitted by   at 1:47 PM on January 5, 2009

    Sorry, can't get pass the spelling errors...very irritating

  • crowfam4
    Submitted by   at 11:55 PM on January 7, 2009

    I am a social worker at one of our elementary schools. I wish more parents would be involved; so kudos to you! There is, though, a point when you can be too "involved". Schools have protocols they have to abide by, but parent suggestions should always be welcome, and an arrangement made that is satisfactory to both the school staff and parents.
    You must remember that the school has your child for 8 hours per day... parents must listen to what the school teachers, therapists, etc. have to say about their behaviors/performance, etc. and not fall into the "not my child" side of the fence. It is best for the decisions made to be agreed upon by both parties. Usually trial and error works best.
    You would be surprised by the number of parents who refuse to have any communication with the school about the concerns about their children. It is very frustrating, especially being a parent myself!

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