well my husband and me are trying to cut down on expenses. n he just so happened to mention the fact that we pay 1000 and month (12 stacks a year) for our two kids to be in daycare....he has a friend in his unit where his wife will watch our kids for 200 a month.......I have huge problems with that:
you never know what could happen if something happens to ym kids, I will be liable for not placing them in a licensed facility
and its not worth my kids safety to save a buck to place them in someplace cheaper

Are you willing to take ur child to an unlicensed daycare to save a freaking buck?????

  • If i knew them

  • HELL NO!! I dont want CPS on my butt if they are negligent

  • sure why not, money is tight

  • only if they were family, FAMILY ONLY

  • other (please explain)

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Submitted by at 1:55 PM on Dec. 22, 2008
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Are you willing to take ur child to an unlicensed daycare to save a freaking buck?????

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Submitted by at 1:55 PM on Dec. 22, 2008
Votes (119) Comments (20)


  • mindybrown...
    Submitted by   at 2:22 PM on December 22, 2008

    These days anyone can get liscensed so you need to be careful either way. I live in Georgia right now and I take in a few kids. I am not liscensed but I know the families of the kids I am taking care of. I would be concerned why she only wants $200 a month. NO ONE CHARGES that cheap not even the unliscensed ones.

  • SahmTam
    Submitted by   at 2:32 PM on December 22, 2008

    Hmm... IDK. I've never had to put my kids in daycare. If I knew someone well enough (like a good friend or neighbor) I think I would. Otherwise, I just don't know...

    And I'm kind of a hypocrite b/c I watched a child in my home about 6 years ago when my own son was 2 and I was unlicensed. We have a nice, new (well, it was newer then lol... then it was only 1 year old then) home that is clean and safe and I'm a good caregiver. That said... I'd have trouble myself trusting others with my kids...

  • momof2luvs...
    Submitted by   at 4:37 PM on December 22, 2008

    My sitter is not licensed and it has nothing to do with money. She does it in her home and I trust her and her family with my life, my kids life, etc. I am lucky I guess. You couldn't pay me enough to put my kids in our local licensed daycares around here. I know there are excellent daycares out there but I'd pay extra to keep them out of daycare and in someone's home that I trusted. Last year for part time care I paid out $6,000 for my two boys ($20 a day per child).

  • bshredy3
    Submitted by   at 11:18 AM on December 23, 2008

    My kids went to my SIL's for a while, and I paid her $50 a week for 2 kids... BUT I trusted her. There are other family members I would never let watch my kids. Before my SIL watched them, I used two different daycares. The one was horrible, and half the time I go in to pick up my daughter and they would have no idea where she was. The other was great, but we just couldn't afford it, so that's when they started going to my SIL. Now I stay home, and don't plan on going back to work anytime soon. My youngest has multiple food allergies, and I don't trust anyone else, daycare or not, to watch him.

  • Pauline328...
    Submitted by   at 11:15 AM on December 24, 2008

    Possibly. I don't look for license. I look for someone I trust. It's not a money thing at all.

  • gemgem
    Submitted by   at 1:31 PM on December 24, 2008

    My kids dont go to daycare. I stay home. I dont trust anyone with my kids other then myself.

  • SabrinaMBo...
    Submitted by   at 3:57 PM on December 26, 2008

    I am a wahm so my kids don't do day care but let me tell you this. When I was in daycare the daycare I was in used to lock kids in the closet for time outs and I came home more than once with bruses after being grabbed by one of the teachers. I even saw them shake kids on more than one occation. The were not only lisensed by the state but recommended by CPS. I don't see anything wrong with not having an actual lisence. There is no harm. Does every sitter out there have a license? NO. This woman is just a sitter for more than one family.

  • MommatoKag...
    Submitted by   at 6:17 AM on December 29, 2008

    Lic or not.. I must trust them!

  • Ginger0104
    Submitted by   at 8:40 AM on December 29, 2008

    Childcare providers only caring for one family don't need to be licensed in California - your laws are going to vary based on your state. I wouldn't have a problem with doing this if I knew the people well enough. I don't expect my family to be licensed because they babysit on a regular basis.

  • youngmm
    Submitted by   at 8:37 PM on December 31, 2008

    I agree with Mommato!

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